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About Me ( mister Steven Walcott )

If you think you would like to support my blogging efforts you can go here and buy some of music that I’ve released recently:
My name is Steven Walcott.  I live in Brooklyn, NY where I own and operate a small independent music label called Engine Studios.  I release mostly avant jazz, but I’ve worked in other genres such as indie rock, Afrobeat, and old time string music.  I am always looking for unique creative music.  My record collection is vast and I feel I’m qualified to review almost any popular genre except opera.  My hip hop knowledge is not vast but I still blog about it.  I don’t know dick about opera.
I first moved to New York City to play music.  While I played music I temped for years all over Wall Street in investment banks.  After a band I played in broke up, I was offered a job as a junior syndicate trader at JP Morgan in emerging markets.  I worked that gig for 2.5 years, before they discovered my personality was not cooperative enough for their capitalist machinery.  I saw a lot of action as a temp on European government bond desks, foreign exchange, investment banking, credit card marketing, back office clearing, and asset management.  You’d be shocked at how much they let a temp do.
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